⋖ Medicine Vest :* Quetzal ⋗

⋖ Medicine Vest :* Quetzal ⋗

  • •⋖⫷Vintage Mayan • 3way Medicine Bag ⫸⋗•

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    グアテマラが誇るアティトラン湖の畔にあるサンティアゴ • アティトラン村の、民族衣装 (ウィピル) を使っています。





    これらのお気に入りのた鳥たちの刺繍を更に際立たせられるアイテムを作りたい。。という思いからデザインし、村の縫子さんと制作し始めた Quetzal Vest 


    自由を奪われると死ぬという伝説のため、自由の象徴となっている、幻の鳥とも言われるグアテマラの国鳥 ケツァール。

















    代々引き継がれてきているマヤの叡智が詰まった手仕事からなる、世界に一つだけのケツァール • ベストをお楽しみください。









    [ Material ]


    Bag:Huipil from Santiago Atitlan, Cotton

    Straps:Recycled Leather


    [ Size ]




    Beautiful embroidery with lively birds and nature as a motif,

    We use the folk costume (Huipil) from the village of Santiago Atitlan on the shores of Lake Atitlan Guatemala.


    In fact, it is said that some people are embroidering while watching the birds that live nearby.

    Located in the neighboring village where I was staying, I often see the embroidery of these artistic birds,


    I wanted to make an item that further emphasizes the embroidery of these favorite birds. .. Designed from the thought, started to work with the village tailor Quetzal vest.


    Quetzal, the national bird of Guatemala, which is said to be a phantom bird, 

    has become a symbol of freedom because of the legend that he will die if he is deprived of his freedom.


    With reference to its beautiful, long-tailed form, fringe the unembroidered areas.

    Besides, lace, feathers, hair, etc. are applied to the hem.

    The entire chest inside the vest is a large pocket,



    We mainly deal with precious vintage Huipil from the 70's to 90's.

    The materials used are all upcycled recycled products other than Huipil.


    Huipil is woven on a loom called the rear belt machine, which has been used since the ancient Mayan era.

    Each indigenous village has a very interesting history of different embroidery patterns, weaves and colors.


    This item is perfect for travel and festivals as well as for everyday wear accents.

    There are several hooks on the chest that can be opened and closed.


    Enjoy the only one Quetzal vest in the world, made up of handicrafts filled with Maya's wisdom that has been passed down from generation to generation.




    Love, InaRio