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InaRio Costume










In an age where human society is becoming increasingly alienated from the natural world,

InaRio sets out to vividly evoke our animal instincts and senses, and recalls traditional ways of living that were second nature to humans for countless millennia.

InaRio uses a range of natural materials, including leather, tree bark and plant husks, various recycled materials, and objects crafted by indigenous tribes and gypsies—collected during travels the world over.

Using motifs from the natural world, and taking inspiration from indigenous cultures, InaRio offers designs that are both highly functional and unique. 


To retain the natural form and texture of these materials, all production is carried out meticulously by hand, to create one-off costumes, clothing items and bags.

We offer our products through selected stores and also accept orders for custom-made costumes and apparel.




 'hinario' を唄うような感覚で、造る上でも身に着ける上でも、出来るだけ循環の理に適う様な、何か地球の根源に触れる感覚を思い起す様な機能的な装飾品を、 



This is a reference to the songs and dance that are an integral part of many people’s daily lives in the Amazon basin. 

 These songs are also a feature of many ceremonies, often signifying the connection between the natural world and the spirit world. 

 The word hinário also carries the meaning of blessing or godsend.

 In both the making and wearing of InaRio costumes and clothing, we want to remain true to the natural cycle of use, reuse, and regeneration, and the sense of deep connection with the earth are part of this spirit.

 Whether our products are worn on a stage during a performance or as day-to-day clothing,

we hope to share the spirit of InaRio with you.


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