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photo: Sea Lua

photo: Sea Lua

photo: Sea Lua

photo: Sea Lua

photo: Sea Lua

photo: Juliassool

photo: Juliassool

photo: Juliassool


photo: Juliassool

photo: Sea Lua

photo: Sea Lua

photo: Sea Lua

photo: Sea Lua

photo: Sea Lua

photo: Sea Lua

photo: Juliassool

photo: Juliassool

2020. 9.20★Sambaj @Maloca Atitlan

I made costumes from the local plants processing them for months...

Come and enjoy the show of the spirits, fairies of in and out of the lake Atitlan ---

We invite you to a unique event that is a mix of Fashion, art, theatre and ceremony.

Where we introduce two talented fashion designers who interpret their inspiration of a tale of the ancient underwater city of "Samabaj"

We openly welcome you to enjoy and experience Theatrical runway, cacao magic

Photo: Sea Lua,  Juliassool

Ceremony,Organize: Enjoly mar ixavel aqabal


2018.7.5 ★Ailara 50th Anniversary@ Aisothope Shinjuku


アイララで出会った人々は皆、いつかの昔、どこかで繋がっていたのかもしれない…そんな気さえする数々の不思議、驚き、奇跡をこの空間で目撃してきました ..........*


Long ago... The "Fifth planet Ailara" that existed between Mars and Jupiter at one time the explosion caused a splinter in the universe--one of the shards that fell to the Earth, became the "Ailara Star", and the Ailara stars who were attracted to the sky gathered nightly,

It is a way to pass the path and half a century has passed...... All the people I met in Ailara might have been connected somewhere in the past... I have witnessed many wonders, surprises and miracles in this space.......by owner of the bar AILARA...Sonomi


Inspired by Sonomi's words, I challenged the first venue decoration. The image is 'mirror balls' by real crystals.

2016. 6.19★Beasty Vol.3 @Harbor Studio Kobe

今回のショー衣テーマは、INTERGALLACTIC ★惑星

Photo;  Kazuya Yawamaki         Organizer; Yoko &Axe

Annual show costume theme is INTERGALLACTIC ★

A story full of stories newly gathered at travel destinations, different materials that used items abundantly,As an InaRio, we produced a rare and mysterious glow costume series. Among them, transforming and processing shining shells and Thai dance decorations


2014. 7.5 ★Steam Garden presents~Pirets of Persia~@ Shibuya Cyclone &Garret



その時空間での呪われたアラブの女海賊達という、イマジネーションをかきたたせられる設定をベースに展開されたSteam Garden &Performers とのコラボレーションの舞台。

Photo; Taro Irei  Organizer; Steam Garden

Time travel to the 19th century. .At that time in space,The stage of the collaboration with Steam Garden & Performers developed based on the setting that can make imagination fight, that cursed Arab women pirates.




2014. 4. 13 ★Mezame @ Spazio Rita Nagoya



春の "芽ざめ" のイメージとを、旅の哀愁と共に独自にイメージして作ったシリーズ。

Photo; MAQNET=103  

Organizer; MariA Suzuki


Using the materials that was purchased in gypsy desert of India, travelers around the world gather, And mineral locality ceremony and five continents, 10 countries,

and an image of the "wake up" in the spring, Series which I made in the image of its own along with the sorrow of the trip.

2013. 06.21★  Nereides feat. InaRio- Jicoo bellydance cruise




”Aquatic Humanity” をテーマに、より深層の世界と共鳴する時空間を演出。

Photo; Toshinobu Hori...........Organizer; Nourah


In Cruise of Tokyo Bay,  We develop a show served with a story of the third curtain constitution.

From the night travel society from the pirates scene, the mermaid of shallows to the ancient fish human. . The mysterious night when I seem to be kidnapped on board by mermaids. .Under the theme of "Aquatic Humanity", I direct it more between the world of the depths and resonant space-time.

2012. 11.09★ Sanat Evi vol.3 @Daikanyama


Sanat Evi ~とはトルコ語で「アートの家」ダンスと音楽とファッション、写真、照明、料理、による vol.3

 Turkish psychedelic dub music に合わせ、おもちゃ箱をひっくり返した様なキッチュな世界観の展開。

Photo; Fuka

Organizer; Nourah


Sanat Evi ... is Turkish; "a house of the art"vol.3 is collaboration with a dance, music, a fashion, a photograph, illumination, the dish To Turkish psychedelic dub music, Seemed to upset a toy box; is kitschy




2012. 04.15★ Extra Fusion vol.2 @Kobe

 ~Stream of Cosmic Story〜


世界で活躍するDancer, Jugller, Fashion designer が描く壮大な宇宙の物語゛


Photo; Makiko Moriuchi

Organizer; Kanon


Story of the magnificent space which Dancer, Jugller, Fashion designer playing an active part in the world drawsThe earth times of the Lemuria

The MONONOKE world where a human being and an apparition of a living person, a great variety of living entities mix with other dimensions


2011. 09.22★ Samsara vol.4 @Nagoya


美しい地球の自然の産物から生み出されたクラフトや衣装達が、纏う人、観る人々共々の心に、鮮やかな希望の光を、自然への賞賛と調和、共存への意識とが、自然と生まれるような現象を夢見、創造。身に纏う "dream catcher " の様な色々なエレメントを組み込んだシリーズ

Organizer; Sue


It was produced by a product of nature of the beautiful earthCraft and clothes,In a person wearing it, a heart of people watching it, a dream creates the phenomenon that vivid light desired is laid if praise to nature and harmony, consciousness to coexistence are natural. The series that incorporated various elements such as "dream catcher "to wear in the body.

2011. 07.10 ★ Plant Costume Show @Yotsuya

~tribute to pachamama~






Special Thanks to Satri

& Lacandon Jungle.....




It is too plants which I process it into thing beauty and save it as the first class goods in a traveling bag and took home in skin of and the industrial art object of the long-cherished tree which I came across in the village of indigenous people on travel for these past several years, the jungle.

Have many people cooperate while traveling; surprise and learning and adventure and material clogged up a lot at happy time.

The show that I thought that I wanted to do it, and realized them in some kind of form sometime.

2010. 11.12★ Galactic-eye-@Holistic Earth


東京のオアシス Holistic Earthて、セレモニー調のショー。



Photo; Metch Matsymoto

Organizer; Tenky


At Oasis Holistic Earth of Tokyo,

Show of ceremony style. Material that is inherited from such farm of a friend in Mexico main. Story costumes and which was made by thanks to a variety of connection.





★Shows 2009-2010


2010. 10.07 ★ Las Caravanes Aux Chapeaux @Paris, France

Organizer; Ruu Ruu


2010. 09.21 ★ "M'zora" Equionoccio @ Northern Morocco

Organizer; Sinianglo


2010. 06.22★ "Future Fashion"exChange @Daikanyama

Organizer; Koko Niwa


2009. 11.22 ★ Lost City @Ginza,

Organizer; Sachiamo


2009. 10.20 ★ Open Atelier Exhibition @Nishiazabu,


2009. 10.18 ★ 100% Love &Peace Parade @Omotesando,

Organizer; Ruu Ruu


2009. 06.07 ★ Element Show; devadasi studio@Aoyama,

Organizer; Mishaal




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