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* Biography*




2005〜 Started the production in the form based on production in Bali, that surrounding the festivals around the world,

2007〜 The turning point various after homecoming in Rio de janeiro, was launched InaRio, mainly handmade Costumes.

2009〜    While traveling and creating,  making shows, exhibitions few times a year also shop deplyments  based in Tokyo.

2020〜 Moving the base to Guatemala and Mexico, working on the project of traditional textiles of the region.

2005年〜 バリでの制作をベースに、世界中のフェスティバルを廻るという形態でのプロダクションを始める。

2007年〜 ブラジルに里帰りしたこと、サーカスの衣装部で働いたことをなどをきっかけに、衣装などの全て手作りの一点物のブランド InaRioを立ち上げる。


2009年〜 素材集めや制作の旅をしながら海外での制作期間も持ちつつ、東京を中心に主にオーダーメイド、

​        主に春と秋にショーや展示即売会、ショップ展開などを中心に活動。

2020〜 ベースを中米に移し、ショーや、その土地の伝統的な素材を使ったプロジェクトを実施中。




























About Designer *Craft Couturist*  Kayo InaRio


〜    Growing up traveling &moving around the world based in Brazil, Japan, America..etc......Studying painting,

                    ...while being fascinated by different Cultures, Carnival Costume huts, Circus, learning acrobats...


2001-2003/  Learning visionary, healing arts while traveling India, Nepal, Thailand, Australia...

2004/   Collected left over pieces from leather shops and started to work with taylors in India.


2005/   Based in Bali, started the production.

2006/  Store at festivals and markets in Australia, Turkey,  Brazil.  

                *Started to make custom order costumes.


2007/  Started all hand-made production as InaRio.

2008/  Creation in Bali,  festivals &markets, exhibitions, shop deployments, 

                 recycle workshops as a ethical fashion brand.


2009/  Based in Tokyo, working with Cirque du Soleil "Corteo" wardrobe department. 

               *Started to join fashion shows few times a year.


2010/ * Art Caravan* Collaborations &Ceremonys in Mexico,  Morocco, Europe. 

                Collaborations with local artists.

2011/   ...also in India, Europe, Guatemala. Shows in Tokyo, Nagoya &Kobe.

2012/   Creations in India, festivals in Europe and Australia.   Shows in Tokyo, Kobe. 


2013/   Creatating  Costumes for Shows and Music projects in India and Japan.  Shows in Tokyo.

2014/     Traveling ,Creating in India, Europe, Morocco.  Shows in Nagoaya &Tokyo.

2015/     Traveled South America for indiginous researches. Shows in Tokyo.

2016/      Creation in India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Portugal, Ibiza, Taiwan. Shows & Exhibitions in Kobe & Tokyo.


2017/      Creation in India & Thailand. Starting a pop-up store in Nakano Tokyo.

2018/      Collaboration in Tahiti with BlackStone Production, Creating  a Show inspired by the trip to Myanmar, Bali and Eastern Europe. Starting Decor Line.

2019/      Creation in India, Working on various projects in Tokyo.


2020/      Starting with a trip to Cuba, Moving the base to Guatemala, Start to work with Traditional textiles  and making fashion shows with using the plants, materials from the region




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