⋖ 3way Medicine Vest ⋗

⋖ 3way Medicine Vest ⋗

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アティトラン湖の畔にあるサンティアゴ • アティトラン村の、民族衣装 (ウィピル) を使っています。





これらのお気に入りのた鳥たちの刺繍を更に際立たせられるアイテムを作りたい。。という思いからデザイン、村の縫子さんと制作し始めた 3way Medicine Bag





内ポケットに、ひと通りの貴重品 • 日用品を収納出来ます。












代々引き継がれてきているマヤの叡智の詰まった手仕事からなる、世界にひとつの 3way Medicine Bag をお楽しみください。








[ Material ]


Bag:Huipil from Santiago Atitlan, Cotton

Chest: Belt from Nahuala



[ Size ]



Beautiful embroidery with lively birds and nature as a motif,

We use the folk costume (Huipil) from the village of Santiago Atitlan on the shores of Lake Atitlan Guatemala.


In fact, it is said that some people are embroidering while watching the birds that live nearby.

Located in the neighboring village where I was staying,

I often see the embroidery of these artistic birds, I wanted to make an item that further emphasizes the embroidery of these favorite birds. ..


Designed from the thought, started to work with the village tailor 3way Medicine Bag

I named it because it means a bag that holds sacred treasures, like a medicine bag.


For short vests, gun holder style long vests, hip bags,

A nice item that can be used in any number of ways, such as diagonally hung or shoulder hung.

The inner pocket holds a set of valuables and daily necessities.


We mainly deal with precious vintage Huipil from the 70’s - 90's.

The materials used are all second-hand recycled products other than Huipil.


Huipil is woven on a loom called the rear belt machine, which has been used since the ancient Mayan era.

Around Guatemala, each indigenous village has a very interesting history of different embroidery patterns, weaves and colors.


This item is perfect for travel and festivals as well as for everyday wear accents.

The length can be adjusted at the knot of the shoulder and waist straps, so it can be used by people of various sizes.


According to your style, according to your taste Enjoy his 3way Medicine Bag,

Only one in the world, made up of handicrafts filled with Maya's wisdom that has been passed down from generation to generation.



❍ This item is priced including tax and shipping fee is not included.


❍ We make it with the utmost care, but since it is handmade while making the best use of the characteristics of vintage materials, there may be spots such as color unevenness and fraying due to the characteristics of the material. Please note.


❍ If you have any questions or would like to have them fixed, please feel free to contact us.




Love, InaRio


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